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Xuanchuan means publicity and it means propaganda.
We got the title from this NatGeo article: ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/03/fuling-china/hessler-text
The album is a concept record that has a varying zoom lens on globalism and the human condition. When it is critical, it is mainly critical of the Harper Government and their extremist aversion to evidence. Unfortunately a lot of the themes are universal.

Central Military Commission
Central Publicity Department
National Energy Commission


released September 25, 2015

Rick Salt mixed and mastered, Mountainview Studio, Nanaimo, BC www.facebook.com/MountainviewStudio

John Dinsmore recorded drums, The Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto, ON lincolncountysocialclub.com

David Atkinson recorded keys at his house, Toronto, ON
Jordan Venn and the Slizneys recorded everything else, Albany Garden Studio, Toronto, ON

Alex McMaster played cello on Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tristan Armstrong played guitar
David Atkinson played keys
Tristan Clark played guitar
Trevor Falls played drums, percussion and programs
Devon Henderson played bass
Jordan Venn sang, played guitar and made programs

Cover art characters hand painted by Mei-Chun Pau

Written by Jordan Venn Copyright 2013, 2014

Thanks to everyone involved in making this record, we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to all our significant others who support us in our madness. Thanks to all our friends and family. Thanks to Yau-Chun "Donna" Kwok-Pau for getting her sister to make the gorgeous Chinese calligraphy on the cover. Thanks to you for downloading and listening and especially for voting. Together we can make Canada a world leader in evidence based practice. It's in our hands, it's in our hands, it's in our hands.



all rights reserved


Jordan Venn Toronto, Ontario

-Born and raised in Port Alberni, BC (South Port represent) by a logger and music teacher.
-Lives in Toronto
-Version 5.3.9 (DOB 1980.07.15)
-Has written a lot of songs.
-Has done some low medium profile studio work.
-182cm, greeny grey eyes
-Loves Phanerozoic fossils
-Loves Anthropocene animals
-Loves pizza
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Track Name: Central Publicity Department
Clean cut appearance strong
Pearly whites guard a gate that can't utter any wrong
Family man here's a photo op
The faithful in your corner keeping you on top

Trust is the objective reach it at all costs
Truth is subjective buy insurance for the loss
Distortion, spin the purchase of immunity
Uneducated masses are a perfect opportunity
Everybody listening
Audience captivity 
The truth is what you make
We won't call it duplicity
And/or Propaganda
It's publicity,  

You can pretend that you're the good guy
and They can pretend that you're the good guy
and If we start to believe that you're the good guy
You'll start to believe that you're the good guy

Mandate madness
Talking pointillist
Deepest pockets

Lay your head down
softest pillows
the highest count Egyptian cotton sheets
a clear conscience spawns the deepest sleeps
beautiful dreams
dream your beautiful themes
scheme your dutiful schemes
for your loyal regime
Track Name: National Energy Commission
Sophistical apologetics
Logic leaping acrobats
Analytical absurd aesthetics 
The heresy of facts
Sophist sung apologesis
Suicidal cosmetic acts 

Warm in the glow
Feels like it's fine
It comes from below
The Synthetic sunshine
The canary has died 
Still we're down in the mine
And we'll bask 'til we're done
In this synthetic sunshine

When the science is convenient
There's no conflict with its use
When the science is convenient
The information is abused
When the science disagrees with this
Then the findings are refused
Track Name: Ministry of Culture
Give up the ways that you were raised?
Walking a trail your forefathers blazed
now overgrown
A world full of choice is a foreign place
Raise your voice protesting in disgrace

Are you hoping to settle this score
Fighting a lost culture war?

Stare through the haze of ideals razed
scorned instead of praised
controls erased new thoughts embraced
A world full of choice is a scary place

(Seeing fit to demonstrate
Your down-home charm is unsurpassed
though you can't recall when you last ate
at the table of the common caste

Are you grasping at the slimmest hold
A desperate oligarchic fold
Is your weight on a dated crutch?
Does it sink in that you're out of touch?

Will you seek the experts' careful slate
To propagate another lie?
The one about how you do relate
There are still things you cannot buy)
Track Name: Ministry of Civil Affairs
His hands are old but his face is new 
He’s not to do anything I wouldn't do 
Distractions sought to fill those holes 
when its time to give up those protector roles
He's maybe not aware the worlds a different place
If he doesn't see it written on my face
The panic that floods you with the strong force pull
When you realise that there's no control

And I start to get that I'm standing in a long line of heartbreak

Rummage through another day
We're all victims of these games we play 
Riding home on the train 
The earbud bleed saturates my brain 
and I just can't seem to keep the pace
So I swear off the human race
another in a series of lonely nights 
Staring off into a Great Lake of head lights. 

and I know I've been standing in a long line of heart break
Yeah I guess that we’re all standing in a long line of heartbreak

Her face is old but just to me
Her smile's beautiful but cringe worthy
The whole thing wreaks of familiarity
And nags of what I maybe once wanted to be 
She made my world a different place
And I wear those changes on my tired face 
My hands are worn like my wary sole 
Ancient veterans of no control

In a long line of heartbreak
Thinking everything I've done is wrong
Making mistake after mistake 
And passing all my errors on 
And every new endeavour 
Dissolves or just doesn't take
Feels like I've been standing forever
In a long line of heartbreak
Track Name: Ministry of Water Resources
We've been blessed with a penchant for waste
Gifted to ourselves in the era of haste
Settling ponds of the latter day
A rejection of how we were made

Run off on a colossal scale
A deserted ocean's systems fail
Ground water in a desperate state
In an urgent situation we are told to wait.

So be it
No going back from whence we came.

We grew up in the epoch of our name
trying hard to defer any blame
we lost the contrast between infamy and fame
and the distinction between pride and shame

Try Again
and try Again
When it's over it's over
When it's gone it's gone

We've been blessed with a penchant for waste
Prone to consumption without time to taste
Losing ground at an alarming rate
In a dire situation we've chosen to wait
Track Name: Ministry of Supervision
Sure the world's in tatters
but if it's not in your backyard it hardly matters
Take the paws for the cause
An apex predator who can't get hard 
In the grip of your spoiled claws
Who cares if its not in your back yard? 

Seek out the alternative
Placebo superstition
When your greed bleeds a fragile niche
It seems you're in need of some supervision

Slice the fins for our sins
The natural world is our garbage can
Put a freeze on the bees
The pollination of a trillion hands
Chop the tusks for our lust
Redline until the engine's charred
and take the bile for the vile
apex predator who can't get hard
Track Name: Ministry of Commerce
Motivation, there's very little that stokes the fire like
Compensation, an ability to obtain desire
Concentrate now get in on it near the source
Lies in wait and attacks with frenetic force

A world is spinning on its axis
Sources force us to compound
A world is spinning on its axis
And money makes that world go round

Natural forces, few are strong as abject greed
Holy orders climbing over themselves to get a piece
Liquid courses through the veins of the plutocracy
Stretching borders, the ever hazy lines of need

Come on and give me credit
Inflated, indebted, embedded and ground
I'm inclined to dread it
But money makes the world go round
Track Name: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Off in the woods the dark corners unexplored
Hard memories pass the external is abhorred
Longing to be heading back toward

That familiar comfort zone
This frightening world seems so

Back from the vast agoraphobic plains
Dark corners past but the panic still remains
Weary from these dark and deep campaigns

Wanting to be alone
Longing again to know
That familiar comfort zone
This frightening world seems so

Waking up again and shaking
All traumatic dreams displacing
Softer thought attempt embracing
Pools of sweat, that ship has sailed
Washed up on the rocks left wasting
Tried and tried it always fails
Track Name: Central Military Commission
Armed forces
Squandered Resources
Everything's just fine, right?
Just fine
Always on the brink
always out of sync
Stave off and breathe
The gasses through your sleeve
You just have to believe

Everybody's gotta...
Everybody's gotta… Everybody.
Everybody's gotta protect
We all really gotta protect
Protect our interests

You can see through all the nonsense
Disproportionate responses
When they bring in the armour
And train their arms on you
The diesel smell endorses
The discourse of their forces
Of course you're scared
And they're scared too
Track Name: National People's Congress
Perhaps we're out of touch
Perhaps it hurts too much
Perhaps we're doomed to be doomed
And once it’s all consumed
Seems like our graves exhumed
Would tell a tale of hardy fools

No one wants to make a fuss
But I guess it's up to us
The people are responsible as it stands
Live to fight another day
Try To stop the power play
It's in our hands

An end of life crisis looms
While drifting through the fumes
No amount of wishing, prayer or niceness
Will make our problems disappear
A price put on our priceless years
An end of life as we know it crisis