Op. iiXIII I​-​i

by Jordan Venn

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released June 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Jordan Venn Toronto, Ontario

-Born and raised in Port Alberni, BC (South Port represent) by a logger and music teacher.
-Lives in Toronto
-Version 5.3.9 (DOB 1980.07.15)
-Has written a lot of songs.
-Has done some low medium profile studio work.
-182cm, greeny grey eyes
-Loves Phanerozoic fossils
-Loves Anthropocene animals
-Loves pizza
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Track Name: ...Enough To Work
I have an idea
Perhaps it seams foolish
I won't invest expectations
Shelve it for a while

You might think I'm crazy
you may think I've lost my mind
That aside
It might just be crazy enough to work

I have an idea
Can you see the lightbulb in my eyes
And if it doesn't work I'll justify I've tried

You might think I've lost it
To be honest it's crossed my mind
That aside
It might just be crazy enough to work
Track Name: Dian
A lot has happened since '85
For all the years you tried
I think attitudes are changing
But the world still churns at a feverish pace
You might feel out of place
But I think we all have that in common

Dian, the world's still getting smaller now
And yes, Dian, you might find it appalling how
we are living past our threshold
With the ignorant growing bolder
We're taking up more of the land
We're a chip off the old shoulder
And things are getting out of hand
We're staying dumb as we get older,
I know you'd wanna take a stand
But how much would it be good for, Dian?

You can seek the good in the little known
You can change your home
Minimize and maximize your impact
You wouldn't sacrifice the limited time that's left
Trying to weigh your heft, 'cause you know
Digits cannot measure that.

Families poached and you're called the deserter
Still every night they make a brand new bed
Hunker down and try to rest your head
"Well, it's hard not to call it murder" -
That's what Grandpa Dave said, Dian.
Track Name: The World We Live In
M 1 6 AK 4 7
Thank you for this shot at heaven
Petition God to fill my cup
Send a ship to shoot me up
Technology protecting our dreams
Making holes in human beings
Killing civilians with their kids in play
Make new terrorists everyday
Love is not our chosen creed
Just something we might believe
So it's written it's agreed
We'll only take the parts we need

Don't you think you think too much?
Are you lost? Are you hurt?
Well it's okay because…

That's the world we live in
The only one, the only one

Bail out investment flirter
Cash to get away with murder
Sit and witness from our couches
Kiss the sun as it approaches
You suck from the holy grail
When your ass is too big to fail
If push cascades into a shove
Next time we'll invade with love

We're in it to win it. Well I'm done with it. I'm just done
I'm a cynic and I'm sick of it but I'm stuck in it because...

That's the world we live
The only one, the only one

And I try to tell myself that some one else will take care of it
And I try to console myself that before myself there've been five events
Of similar catastrophe and the potency of my sole needs
Will lend sway till my hope gives way to accommodate
acceptance as I say...

That's the world we live in
The only one, the only one.
Track Name: Another Day
Another day, another loss in the fray
Off to market to take a stark hit and give it all away.
Every hour I lose a little more power
Hoping hope is enough as the skies open up
to give me a shower
hoping hope is enough
as the skies open up
and turn my sweetness into sour

Trying not to wain despite the promises of pain
Jockey into the know and despite my best go
it always seems to be in vain.
Spread out too thin sporadically giving in
Hoping hope is enough as the going gets tough
Somehow knowing that I'll never win.
Hoping hope is enough but everything's so messed up
and I'm get sucked in

And I know almost every body on the planet has it worse than I do.
It seems automatic although I can't understand it but I've tried to
As we sit and ponder our condition
Reminiscing bout the things we've been missing lately
Feel as though I'm drifting out of orbit
A planetary hit and though I tried to absorb it
my bleeding heart gets a little wetter
wishing we could all be doing a little bit better

Another day, another loss in the fray.
Off to market to take a stark hit and give it all away.
Along these paths trying to devise pseudo maths
Hoping hope is enough
as the skies open up and turn my puddles into baths
Hoping hope is enough
as the skies open up to incur upon me their wrath
Hoping hope is enough as my eyes open up
in time to witness their wrath
Track Name: Albany Botanical
Her garden really need the rain
She wills the clouds to break once more
I see her contemplate on her fire escape
painted in the rust of rains before

and we are bound to our trajectory
with no ability to control time
So i take notice of all her detail while I can
trying to paint her in my mind

we're just water, soil and sunshine
She craves the sun she wants more time
I will the sunlight to bounce off of her
trying to paint her in my mind

Her garden softly calls to her
her hands and knees getting too clean
that calm distraction peering out through subtle faces
in the midst of dialogue, the little space in between

Life's cascading will in flood and drought
She thinks I'm waiting around but I'm just hanging out
taking stock throughout the mountains and the plains
just hang by and let it all soak through my veins

her garden hunkers down for colder days
retiring into harder ground
I see her cope as all her hours change
both waiting for the spring to finally come around